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Mathematics Extension 1 Booklets

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A collection of workbooks for the Mathematics Extension 1 course (NSW).

The showcloze version is the teacher version.

7 March 2017: Inverse functions & inverse trigonometric functions updated.
9 December 2016: Topic 7 Induction updated and teacher version added.

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NSW Stage 6 Mathematics and Extension 1:
5 Trigonometric Ratios – Review and Some Preliminary Results5.6 E Harder applications of 5.3, 5.4 and E Trigonometric functions of sums and differences of angles.5.8 E Expressions for sin q, cos q and tan q in terms of tan ( ).5.9 E Simple trigonometric identities and equations. The general solution of trigonometric equations7 Series and Applications7.4 E Mathematical induction. Applications.9 The Quadratic Polynomial and the Parabola9.6 E Parametric representation. Applications to problems concerned with tangents, normals an…15 E Inverse Functions and the Inverse Trigonometric Functions15.1 E Discussion of inverse function. The functions y = logax and y = ax as inverse functio…15.2 E The inverse trigonometric functions.15.3 E The graphs of sin–1x, cos–1x, tan–1x.15.4 E Simple properties of the inverse trigonometric functions.15.5 E The derivatives of sin–1(x/a), cos–1(x/a), tan–1(x/a), and the corre…16 E Polynomials16.1 E Definitions of polynomial, deg…16.2 E The remainder and factor theorems.16.3 E The roots and coefficients of a polynomial equation.16.4 E Iterative methods for numerical estimation of the roots of a polynomial equation17 E Binomial Theorem17.1 E Expansion of (1 + x)^n for n = 2,3,4,…. Pascal Triangle. Proof of the Pascal Tri…17.2 E Proof by Mathematical Induction of the formula for nCk17.3 E Finite series and further properties of binomial coefficients.18 E Permutations, Combinations and Further Probability18.1 E Permutations and combinations18.2 E Binomial probabilities and the binomial distribution.

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