A place for maths teachers, just like you, to share original resources.


MathsFaculty was created and is managed by Simon Job.

This site was created in a private capacity and is not the work of my employer.

MathsFaculty is for finding resources from other teachers and for sharing resources that you have created.

Resources shared on this site include GeoGebra files, homework sheets, grid diagrams, electronic worksheets and more…

To view and download resources you need to sign up for free on this site. Signing up also allows you to upload your own resources to share with others.


Why do I have to register and login to download a resource?
The purpose of this site is to encourage sharing between maths teachers. To share a resource your need to be signed up (free) and signed in. So, requiring you to sign in might encourage you to also share resources.
Who has ownership of content that I upload?
You retain all your ownership rights.
By uploading to MathsFaculty you are giving others the right to use your content. By default the license for all user uploaded content is Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Australia (CC BY-SA 3.0 AU). Upon upload you may choose to assign an alternative Creative Commons license.

Including a "Shared on MathsFaculty" logo in works you share on MathsFaculty does several things:

  • You know teachers, files get shared, the original source gets lost. With a Shared on MathsFaculty logo in your file, the source can be traced back to you.
  • Seeing a Shared on MathsFaculty log on a great resource, teachers may be keen to find other similar resources or share their own.


For print, include in worksheets or other resources that will be printed (these are 300 dpi).

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Web-sites and electronic resources

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