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Screenshot of Intro infinity

Intro infinity
18 Nov 2017

There is more than 1 infinity. Enjoy some of the mathematics of infinity.see details …
Screenshot of Solving Linear Systems by Graphing: Quiz

Solving Linear Systems by Graphing: Quiz
18 Nov 2017

In this quiz, graph 2 lines of the form y= mx + c, then determine the point of intersection.see details …
Screenshot of Understanding Outliers

Understanding Outliers
17 Nov 2017

This activity is a simple response time game where the students chase a button, building up and analysing score data as they go.  There is a one time "outlier" button that departs from the layout of the other buttons and should take the students by surprise and thus generate a meaningful outlier in the data. The data can be displayed by a histogram and a box and whiskers plot, giving a good illustration of the relationship between them. Questions to ask include: Look at any identified outliers.  Was there anything different about your response on these occasions? What do you notice about the difference between the median and the mean?  Can you relate this difference to the shape of the histogram?see details …


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