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Screenshot of Graph Theory - AMSI Maths Modules

Graph Theory - AMSI Maths Modules
23 Mar 2017

Part of the Supporting Australian Mathematics Project, this module is written for teachers. The module contains a discussion of the mathematics curriculum for years 11 and 12. This content has been written based on the Australian Curriculum. This module covers Graph Theory, Networks.see details …
Screenshot of The Brick Double-Domino Effect Explained

The Brick Double-Domino Effect Explained
21 Mar 2017

You may have seen the original viral video, here Matt Parker explains the effect. If you use bricks as dominoes: you get a second wave going in the opposite direction.see details …
Screenshot of The Four Colour Map Theorem

The Four Colour Map Theorem
21 Mar 2017

The Four Color Map Theorem (or colour!?) was a long-standing problem until it was cracked in 1976 using a "new" method... computers!see details …


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