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Screenshot of Matchstick Patterns

Matchstick Patterns
25 May 2017

Using algebra to describe patterns mathematically. This activity employs various visual patterns, constructed with matchsticks. Drag the matches around to study each pattern and work out its underlying mathematical nature. See if you can describe each pattern using algebra.see details …
Screenshot of Exploring Data - different data, same statistics

Exploring Data - different data, same statistics
18 May 2017

It is easy to forget that "summary statistics" such as mean, range, deviation, correlation etc are only summaries. Anscombe's Quartet is an informative demonstration of the dangers of overlooking this fact.  This activity uses 3 sets of values from the quartet, as well as supports student experimentation using their own data.  Calculation of sum, mean, standard devation and plotting of points is included.see details …
Screenshot of Domain and Range interactive applet

Domain and Range interactive applet
9 May 2017

This applet lets you explore the domain and range of various functions.see details …


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