Essence of calculus, chapter 1 (Alternate link)

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In this series of videos, Grant Sanderson (3Blue1Brown) want you to feel that you could have invented calculus for yourself.

In this first video, we see how unraveling the nuances of a simple geometry question can lead to integrals, derivatives, and the fundamental theorem of calculus.

Chapter 2 - The paradox of derivative
Chapter 3 - Derivative formulas through geometry
Chapter 4 - Visualizing the chain rule and product rule
Chapter 5 - Derivatives of exponentials
Chapter 6 - Implicit differentiation, what's going on here?
Chapter 7 - Limits
Chapter 8 - Integration and the fundamental theorem of calculus
Chapter 9 - What does area have to do with slope?
Footnote - Higher order derivatives
Chapter 10 - Taylor series

Alternative link takes you to the YouTube playlist for this series.

29 April 2017 Edit: 6 June 2019

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