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Gate is designed to strengthen number sense, especially around place value. When students hit 6th grade, they begin applying basic math concepts to more difficult applications, including with fractions and decimals. Frequently, students lose the ability to "make sense" of these numbers. For example, they fail to realize that just as 8 + 2 = 10, 0.8 + 0.2 = 1.0. Additionally, they struggle in building number groups – seeing, for example, that the number "99" can be created with 99 ones, but also with 100 - 1, or 33 x 3. Gate helps develop this ability, crucial in algebra and in applying previously learned math to the more complex applications in middle school and beyond.

As players move through the levels, they gain a clearer sense of how to build numbers in multiple ways, using addition, and multiples. They also build their number sense. Artists and animators worked to give Gate imaginative depth – mysterious heroes, flying and lumbering monsters – that would draw players into the game even when the number-based gameplay felt frustrating. Graphical elements also help players keep track of the numbers being built: the number line at the bottom of the screen and the number wheel under the main character change with each keystroke. These multiple representations of numbers are crucial in developing number sense, helping game players see how their numbers change.

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