Seeing Theory

Explanation, Visualization

A visual introduction to probability and statistics.

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Australian Curriculum / Mathematical Methods
Unit 1 Topic 3 Counting and probabilityConditional probability and independenceACMMM056 understand the notion of a conditional probability and recognise and use language tha…Review of the fundamentals of probabilityACMMM052 review probability as a measure of ‘the likelihood of occurrence’ of an event ACMMM053 review the probability scale: 0≤P(A)≤10≤P(A)≤1 for each event A,A, with P(A)=0PA=0 if…Unit 3 Topic 3 Discrete random variablesGeneral discrete random variablesACMMM136 understand the concepts of a discrete random variable and its associated probability …Unit 4 Topic 2 Continuous random variables and the normal distributionGeneral continuous random variablesACMMM165 understand the concepts of a probability density function, cumulative distribution fu…Normal distributionsACMMM169 recognise features of the graph of the probability density function of the normal dis…
Australian Curriculum / Specialist Mathematics
Unit 4 Topic 1 Integration and applications of integrationApplications of integral calculus:ACMSM127 use and apply the probability density function, f(t)=λe−λtft=λe-λt for t≥0t≥0, of the…Unit 4 Topic 3 Statistical inference
NSW Mathematics Advanced Stage 6 Syllabus
Statistical AnalysisMA-S1 Probability and Discrete Probability DistributionsS1.1 Probability and Venn diagramsS1.2 Discrete probability distributionsMA-S2 Descriptive Statistics and Bivariate Data AnalysisS2.2 Bivariate data analysisMA-S3 Random VariablesS3.1 Continuous random variables
NSW Mathematics Extension 1 Stage 6 Syllabus
Statistical Analysis

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