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Screenshot of Trigonometry Graph Matching

Trigonometry Graph Matching
MathsLinks, 27 Jun 2015

The linked page gives 12 challenges that link to Desmos. For each one, the student writes a function that transforms the blue into the black function.

Screenshot of Index Noughts & Crosses

Index Noughts & Crosses
MathsLinks, 27 Jun 2015

A game for teaching index laws. See the alternate link for the download of the game board.

Screenshot of Why 82 000 is an extraordinary number - Numberphile

Why 82 000 is an extraordinary number - Numberphile
MathsLinks, 27 Jun 2015

Dr James Grime explains why 82 000 is an extraordinary number. Consider the sequence 2, 3, 4, 82 000. This…

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