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Screenshot of The Fairest Sharing Sequence Ever

The Fairest Sharing Sequence Ever
MathsLinks, 28 Nov 2015

The Thue-Morse Sequence is the fairest way to share things between two people. It also does all sorts of other…

Screenshot of Definite Integral Approximations

Definite Integral Approximations
MathsLinks, 28 Nov 2015

This worksheet is intended to help the student compare and contrast the various methods for approximating or calculating definite integrals. From mistermathguy GeoGebra Stuff

Screenshot of Simple Harmonic Motion - Pendulum

Simple Harmonic Motion - Pendulum
MathsLinks, 28 Nov 2015

Simple Harmonic Motion as displayed through the swinging of a pendulum. From mistermathguy GeoGebra Stuff

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