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Screenshot of How exactly does binary code work?
How exactly does binary code work?

MathsLinks, 13 Jul 2018

Imagine trying to use words to describe every scene in a film, every note in a song, or every street in your town. Now imagine trying to do it…

Preview of Battleship

MathsFaculty, 13 Jul 2018

A battleship game board. Print two to a page, print on white cardboard, cut them in half, laminate them and the kids use whiteboard markers to plot…

Screenshot of Area of a trapezium
Area of a trapezium

MathsLinks, 10 Jul 2018

Deriving the area of a trapezium using GeoGebra.

Screenshot of Quantifying Probabilistic Expressions
Quantifying Probabilistic Expressions

MathsLinks, 7 Jul 2018

Survey results showing people's perceptions of how words translate probabilities. See also this article describing the study.

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