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The MathsLinks Network is a collection of sites made by a maths teacher for maths teachers.

Other mini-sites:

Numeracy Guides — for teachers, encouraging a consistent approach to whole school numeracy.

Excel examples — calculations using Excel for Mathematics General 1 and 2.

Recent updates

Screenshot of Triangular Matchstick Puzzle

Triangular Matchstick Puzzle
MathsLinks, 27 Jul 2017

A logic puzzle involving triangles made from matchsticks.

Screenshot of How We’re Redefining the kg

How We’re Redefining the kg
MathsLinks, 24 Jul 2017

In 2018 the kg will be defined by Planck's constant, not a hunk of metal.

Screenshot of How to measure a tree using a stick and some simple maths

How to measure a tree using a stick and some simple maths
MathsLinks, 10 Jul 2017

A great discussion starter as a follow-up to similar triangles or maybe trigonometry. The Forestry Commission England shares a technique for measuring the height of a tree using a stick. …

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