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MathsLinks, 11 Mar 2024

Play to Hex board game online, vs other players or vs an AI

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The 1,200 Year Maths Mistake

MathsLinks, 26 Feb 2024

Matt looks at an art installation taking 1200 years to complete, finding a common maths error - the fence post problem.

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Extension 2 Proof - Statements (the nature of proof)

MathsFaculty, 6 Feb 2024

Five pages of original questions designed to lead students to an understanding of many things:statements (true/false)quantifiers (for all, thereā€¦

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Why do all shapes lie in the Polyhedron Plane?

MathsLinks, 1 Feb 2024

Matt investigates why all 3D shapes lie in the Polyhedron Plane.Includes discussion about three-dimensional shapes and networks (graph theory).

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