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Excel examples — calculations using Excel for Mathematics General 1 and 2, Mathematics Standard.

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Screenshot of Dates as operations
Dates as operations

MathsLinks, 16 Jan 2018

Quickly access this link using Like most teachers I write the date at the top of the whiteboard each day. As an extra point of…

Screenshot of River crossings (and Alcuin Numbers)
River crossings (and Alcuin Numbers)

MathsLinks, 7 Jan 2018

Discussing vertex covers and Alcuin Numbers for graphs - and a famous old puzzle.

Screenshot of Classroom Dice
Classroom Dice

MathsLinks, 29 Dec 2017

Use these dice on tablets, computers and IWBs. Choose 1,2, or 3 six-sided dice and click to roll them.

Screenshot of Differential Equations - Cedric Villani
Differential Equations - Cedric Villani

MathsLinks, 21 Dec 2017

A brief explanation of differential equations by mathematician Cedric Villani.

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