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Congruent Triangles - 1976

MathsLinks, 23 Mar 2019

Congruent Triangles by Bruce and Katharine Cornwell. An old animation about congruent triangles, showing the methods of determining if two…

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Bearings - Anthony Or

MathsLinks, 18 Mar 2019

An interactive to explore compass and true bearings.

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31.4+ trillion digits of Pi

MathsLinks, 16 Mar 2019

31.4+ trillion digits of Pi. Aimed at developers, this site has three fun ways to access digits of Pi: Art, Listen and Visualize.

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42 is the new 33

MathsLinks, 14 Mar 2019

42 is the only remaining (eligible) number below 100 which has not been represented as the sum of three cubes… 33 was cracked by Andrew Booker…

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