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Bowland Maths

MathsLinks, 25 Jun 2022

Bowland Maths aims to make maths engaging and relevant to pupils aged 11-14, with a focus on developing thinking, reasoning and problem-solving…

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Stella’s Stunners

MathsLinks, 25 Jun 2022

A library of more than 700 engaging and challenging mathematics problems, arranged for easy access by topic, with numerous suggestions for using…

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The building blocks of Maths! | Prime Numbers

MathsLinks, 25 Jun 2022

Find out all about the fundamental building blocks of maths: prime numbers! You’ll learn how prime numbers can be multiplied together to…

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Is this the ultimate sine pattern?

MathsLinks, 21 Jun 2022

Matt Parker discusses a Reddit meme and the values of sin θ. Matt uses this Trigonometry Tracer.

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