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The MathsLinks Network is a collection of sites made by a maths teacher for maths teachers.

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Numeracy Guides — for teachers, encouraging a consistent approach to whole school numeracy.

Excel examples — calculations using Excel for Mathematics General 1 and 2.

Recent updates

Screenshot of The Golden section ratio: Phi

The Golden section ratio: Phi
MathsLinks, 17 Apr 2017

A comprehensive reference on the Golden Ratio by Dr Ron Knott, University of Surrey.

Screenshot of Fractions on a numberline

Fractions on a numberline
MathsLinks, 12 Apr 2017

Use this app to develop an understanding of how and where fractions exist on a number line. Students will begin to learn the relationship between improper fractions and mixed numbers.

Screenshot of What is the Golden Ratio?

What is the Golden Ratio?
MathsLinks, 12 Apr 2017

The connection between the Golden Ratio and works of art and architecture has been questioned in the last few decades, but there is no question that the Golden Ratio has…

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