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Junior to Senior Syllabus Links

MathsFaculty, 20 Oct 2020

A set of A3 posters that depict the links between topics within each strand from Stage 4 to Stage 6.

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Trigonometry Tracer

MathsLinks, 12 Oct 2020

All trigonometry functions and their reciprocals on a unit circle. See also the video explanation.

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Beautiful Trigonometry - Numberphile

MathsLinks, 12 Oct 2020

An explanation of sine, cosine and tangent using a circle. Sine and cosine are the y and x-coordinates of a point moving in a circle. See also the…

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Decimal Number Builder

MathsLinks, 1 Oct 2020

The students get random decimal numbers to represent. They use (drag) the base 10 blocks to build the numbers. They can see a number forming as…

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