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Can you make a hole in a thing bigger than the thing?

MathsLinks, 1 Nov 2021

Matt answers the question: What is the largest single hole one can carve out of a pumpkin without the pumpkin collapsing? Or put another way, can…

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Your Teacher is WRONG about SOHCAHTOA! (How to do Trigonometric ratios but better)

MathsLinks, 26 Oct 2021

What we really need to be learning instead is a thing called TRIGONOMETRIC SCALARS. sin, cos and tan are all still there, opposite, adjacent and…

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The Trig functions are about multiplication

MathsLinks, 26 Oct 2021

A blog post discussion consideration of the trigonometric functions in terms of multiplication rather than division.

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Mixed Timestables

MathsLinks, 24 Oct 2021

A Blooket quiz on timestables.

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