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The MathsLinks Network is a collection of sites made by a maths teacher for maths teachers.

Other mini-sites:

Numeracy Guides — for teachers, encouraging a consistent approach to whole school numeracy.

Excel examples — calculations using Excel for Mathematics General 1 and 2.

Recent updates

Screenshot of Numeracy activities to develop understanding of time

Numeracy activities to develop understanding of time
MathsLinks, 27 Jun 2017

Some nice activities designed for revising time with high school students. Some would work best if the ideas were used to develop activities related to students' own local area transport…

Screenshot of Minimal Spanning Trees

Minimal Spanning Trees
MathsLinks, 23 Jun 2017

This puzzle shows students the decisions involved in linking a network between houses in a muddy city. It can lead on to a discussion of minimal spanning tree algorithms for…

Screenshot of Algebra Tiles

Algebra Tiles
MathsLinks, 17 Jun 2017

An interactive version of Algebra Tiles for visualising directed number operations, expanding and factorising, solving equations.

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