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Euler’s Formula

MathsLinks, 18 May 2022

Tom Crawford shows us some cool things about Euler's Formula.

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Quadratic Formula Song - pop goes the weasel

MathsLinks, 15 May 2022

A simple song to remember the quadratic formula, to the tune of pop goes the weasel

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Right-angled triangle trigonometry - faded worked examples

MathsFaculty, 15 May 2022

Based on the Cognitive Load Theory idea of faded worked examples. These two sheets provide faded worked examples for Using trigonometry to find a…

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Pythagoras’ theorem - faded worked examples

MathsFaculty, 14 May 2022

Based on Pythagoras' Theorem - Calculating the Hypotenuse ​by Alex Hughes​ shared on Backward Faded Maths. I present…

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