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Interpret secondary data presented in digital media and elsewhere (ACMSP148) * developing an understanding of sampling and the ability to interpret secondary data in order to critique databased claims made in the media, advertising and elsewhere * investigating data representations in the media and discussing what they illustrate and the messages the people who created them might want to convey * understanding the various influences on data collection and display, including who created the representation, who funded the data collection and whether the representation is part of an advertisement; in order to be alert to possible biases in data representations * identifying potentially misleading data representations in the media, such as graphs with ‘broken’ axes or nonlinear scales, graphics not drawn to scale, data not related to the population about which the claims are made, and pie charts in which the whole pie does not represent the entire population about which the claims are made * considering the need for sampling and recognising when a census of an entire population is not possible or not necessary, and identifying examples of sampling in the media