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Calculus - The graphic relationship between a curve and its first and second derivative

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Resource Type: GeoGebra, Interactive

This is a GeoGebra applet for demonstrating the graphical relationship between a cubic and its first and second derivative.

I have attached a version optimized for 1280x800 resolution, and also a version that is optimized for use on an IWB.

It is a highly visual tool, all of the co-efficients of the cubic curve are controlled via sliders to show the constantly variable relationship between a curve and its derivatives. 

The derivative curves (and tangents to these curves) can be turned on and off via a series of checkboxes on the screen.  All tangents can be moved around the curves to demonstrate gradients, points of inflexion etc etc.

Download and enjoy!

16 November 2012 Edit: 28 February 2014

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