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Fraction Shading

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Understanding the concept of a fraction by shading in a part of a shape is a fairly standard introductory activity.  On these worksheets, students are required to represent two fractions on one diagram. This is a set of 18 worksheets with various shapes and instructions.

In my classes I’ve printed two per page for those that finish the main lesson early.  As there are 18 different shapes, there’s a bit of individuality around the room. Another idea is to print 9 to a page, making it a main activity for a lower level class.

6 April 2014 Edit: 6 April 2014

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Resource Type:
Worksheet - Print

Attribution: The idea from Flickr. Circle diagrams from

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Jo Bruno on  18 April 20  at  06:34 PM #

I am modifying this so that it doesn’t focus on numerator/denominator but instead asks students to colour 1 out of 4 green, 2 out of four yellow and then state how many parts out of the whole are not coloured and how can you explain this?