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Probability distributions - assignment

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Resource Type: Assessment, Assignment

An investigation-style task for the NSW Mathematics Advanced Year 11 topic Discrete probability distributions (S1.2).

Student's investigate discrete probability distributions of the leading digits of datasets and compare to Benford's Law.

Includes: assignment booklet (to be edited before use) with submission, timing and task details. A detailed marking guideline is included.

For Part 4, the zip file includes 50 unique datasets (Set A and B) in each.

The Excel example file is not part of the assignment, but gives an example of using Excel to analyse the first 1000 terms in the Fibonacci sequence.

Updated 13 October 2020, some external resources:

4 November 2019 Edit: 13 October 2020

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Attribution: Developed from an Investigation Task in "Mastering HSC Mathematics Year 11 Mathematics Advanced" by Anne Joshua and Jonathan Le.

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ashenique on  07 November 19  at  09:38 PM #

Thanks Simon

Simon Job on  07 November 19  at  03:52 PM #site manager

We will spend time in class working through the construction of the fibonacci_example.xlsx file (in the files above). That is, each student will work on a device to construct that from scratch, me leading them through it.
I have some Excel help here as well, probably need to add the “LEFT” function.

ashenique on  07 November 19  at  12:08 PM #

Brilliant - replied on MANSW page as well. What sort of excel brief do you give them?