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Student Report Reflection

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An example of a self-reflection tool. Students used this to reflect on their Mathematics learning in the semester by writing their own version of reports.

Context: The two classes I used this with struggle with their Mathematics learning and I spend a good time of my teaching trying to get them to see their learning as a journey rather than just pass and fail. I began the year with a lot of resentment about Maths and how hard it was and they had never passed. I knew I had to develop their resilience and growth mindset. So I told them the only requirement I had was 100% effort. So we have been working on this all year. I used this activity as part of this process. 

Report Reflection: I decided to put together a reflection activity that modelled the reports we use to report at our school. I hooked the boys in by telling them that they would be helping me write their reports for me (reactions:priceless!). I explained that what they were filling in was exactly what I fill in and explained the different elements. They then had to complete the three reflection questions to help with the report comment. I explained that like learning is a two way street, so is reporting and feedback. We are in it together. Being the charismatic students they are, they tried the "im outstanding at everything" so I would counsel them about the process further and then I found them engaging in it honestly. 

On reflection, I would give them a copy of this at the beginning of the year so that they know what will be reported on (like giving a marking criteria at the beginning of a project) and would like to make questions more specific and targeted about learning/teaching strategies and maybe include a student feedback section for me to get feedback on my practice. 

24 June 2018 Edit: 24 June 2018

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