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Part of the Supporting Australian Mathematics Project, this module is written for teachers. The module contains a discussion of the mathematics curriculum for years 11 and 12. This content has been written based on the Australian Curriculum.

This module covers Graph Theory, Networks.

23 March 2017 Edit: 2 April 2017

Australian Curriculum / General Mathematics
Unit 4 Topic 3 Networks and decision mathematicsAssignment problemsACMGM110 use a bipartite graph and/or its tabular or matrix form to represent an assignment/ a…ACMGM111 determine the optimum assignment(s), by inspection for small-scale problems, or by us…Flow networksACMGM109 solve small-scale network flow problems including the use of the ‘maximum-flow minimu…Project planning and scheduling using critical path analysis (CPA)ACMGM104 construct a network to represent the durations and interdependencies of activities th…ACMGM105 use forward and backward scanning to determine the earliest starting time (EST) and l…ACMGM106 use ESTs and LSTs to locate the critical path(s) for the projectACMGM107 use the critical path to determine the minimum time for a project to be completedACMGM108 calculate float times for non-critical activities. Trees and minimum connector problemsACMGM101 explain the meaning of the terms tree and spanning tree identify practical examples ACMGM102 identify a minimum spanning tree in a weighted connected graph either by inspection o…ACMGM103 use minimal spanning trees to solve minimal connector problems; for example, minimisi…ACMGM001 review rates and percentages
NSW Mathematics Standard Stage 6 Syllabus
NetworksMS-N1 Networks and PathsMS-N1.1 NetworksMS-N1.2 Shortest pathsMS-N2 Network ConceptsMS-N2.1 NetworksMS-N2.2 Shortest pathsMS-N3 Critical Path Analysis

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