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Sub-topics:  ACMNA152 Year 7 Compare fractions using equivalence. Locate and represent fractions and mixed numera (1)  ACMNA153 Year 7 Solve problems involving addition and subtraction of fractions, including those with (1)  ACMNA154 Year 7 Multiply and divide fractions and decimals using efficient written strategies and di (1)  ACMNA155 Year 7 Express one quantity as a fraction of another, with and without the use of digital t (0)  ACMNA156 Year 7 Round decimals to a specified number of decimal places (0)  ACMNA157 Year 7 Connect fractions, decimals and percentages and carry out simple conversions (1)  ACMNA158 Year 7 Find percentages of quantities and express one quantity as a percentage of another, (1)  ACMNA173 Year 7 Recognise and solve problems involving simple ratios (1)  ACMNA184 Year 8 Investigate terminating and recurring decimals (0)  ACMNA186 Year 8 Investigate the concept of irrational numbers, including pi (0)  ACMNA187 Year 8 Solve problems involving the use of percentages, including percentage increases and (0)  ACMNA188 Year 8 Solve a range of problems involving rates and ratios, with and without digital techn (4)  ACMNA208 Year 9 Solve problems involving direct proportion. Explore the relationship between graphs (0)  ACMNA209 Year 9 Apply index laws to numerical expressions with integer indices (3)  ACMNA210 Year 9 Express numbers in scientific notation (1)  ACMNA264 Year 10A Define rational and irrational numbers and perform operations with surds and fract (0)  ACMNA265 Year 10A Use the definition of a logarithm to establish and apply the laws of logarithms (0)