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Indices Scavenger Hunt Activity 5.1/5.2

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Resource Type: Activity, Group Work, Game, Lesson, Teaching Idea(s)

A self checking loop scavenger hunt activity activity reviewing index laws, significant figures and scientific notation for Stage 5.1/5.2

Each card has an answer (top) and question (bottom). Cards are randomly placed on the walls around the room. Students can start from any card and complete the question. They then have to find the poster with their answer (top) and then complete the question on that card (bottom). Students can use the included recording sheet to track their progress. Students should end up at the poster they started at if they got every question correct. 

Hint: to save time and paper it is suggested you print and laminate the posters for future use. 

12 May 2018 Edit: 12 May 2018

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