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Expansion - electronic worksheet

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Resource Type: Worksheet - Electronic, Worksheet - Print

An electronic, self-checking worksheet for practising expansion (expanding, removing the brackets, removing the grouping symbols, distributive property).

See also Expand and Simplify.

15 March 2013 Edit: 28 February 2014

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Simon Job on  02 October 16  at  09:31 AM #site manager

You have to type literally “plus” or “minus”.
(It’s a pain, but avoids problems in Excel which wants to use the symbols to indicate other things)

jmorgan6 on  30 September 16  at  06:06 PM #

I cannot get the sheets where you have top enter + or - to work eg. tab 2 Expansion 2…I type + or - where it tells me but the sheet ignores it!?