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Sub-topics:  ACMNA005 Foundation Sort and classify familiar objects and explain the basis for these classificatio (0)  ACMNA018 Year 1 Investigate and describe number patterns formed by skip counting and patterns with o (2)  ACMNA035 Year 2 Describe patterns with numbers and identify missing elements (1)  ACMNA036 Year 2 Solve problems by using number sentences for addition or subtraction (0)  ACMNA060 Year 3 Describe, continue, and create number patterns resulting from performing addition or (1)  ACMNA081 Year 4 Explore and describe number patterns resulting from performing multiplication (1)  ACMNA082 Year 4 Solve word problems by using number sentences involving multiplication or division w (0)  ACMNA083 Year 4 Use equivalent number sentences involving addition and subtraction to find unknown q (0)  ACMNA107 Year 5 Describe, continue and create patterns with fractions, decimals and whole numbers re (4)  ACMNA121 Year 5 Use equivalent number sentences involving multiplication and division to find unknow (0)  ACMNA133 Year 6 Continue and create sequences involving whole numbers, fractions and decimals. Descr (5)  ACMNA134 Year 6 Explore the use of brackets and order of operations to write number sentences (3)  ACMNA175 Year 7 Introduce the concept of variables as a way of representing numbers using letters (6)  ACMNA176 Year 7 Create algebraic expressions and evaluate them by substituting a given value for eac (10)  ACMNA177 Year 7 Extend and apply the laws and properties of arithmetic to algebraic terms and expres (8)  ACMNA190 Year 8 Extend and apply the distributive law to the expansion of algebraic expressions (10)  ACMNA191 Year 8 Factorise algebraic expressions by identifying numerical factors (6)  ACMNA192 Year 8 Simplify algebraic expressions involving the four operations (8)  ACMNA212 Year 9 Extend and apply the index laws to variables, using positive integral indices and th (4)  ACMNA213 Year 9 Apply the distributive law to the expansion of algebraic expressions, including bino (3)  ACMNA230 Year 10 Factorise algebraic expressions by taking out a common algebraic factor (4)  ACMNA231 Year 10 Simplify algebraic products and quotients using index laws (3)  ACMNA232 Year 10 Apply the four operations to simple algebraic fractions with numerical denominators (1)  ACMNA233 Year 10 Expand binomial products and factorise monic quadratic expressions using a variety (6)  ACMNA234 Year 10 Substitute values into formulas to determine an unknown (3)  ACMNA266 Year 10A Investigate the concept of a polynomial and apply the factor and remainder theorem (4)