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Introducing Surface Area

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Worksheets to support introducing surface area.

  1. Investigate Surface Area using Centicubes (comparing with Volume). Concepts: counting the faces of the centicubes rather than counting the cubes, reinforced by creating multiple solids with different surface areas using the same number of cubes, understand what is meant by a 3 × 2 × 2 rectangular prism.
    Layed out in “Making Solids: Investigation” (Page 1 of download below). This is based on an activity in the book Access to Stage 5.1 Maths.
  2. From a net, make a solid and find the surface area. Concepts: calculating area by counting squares, see that a rectangular prism is made up of six rectangles (3 pairs of congruent rectangles).
    Make net (Page 3 of download below). Print to card, and cut in half (no tabs on these nets, I use sticky tape to hold together).
  3. Find the surface area by drawing a net and counting squares.
    Similar to 2., but this time students draw their own net. Concepts: the drawing of a net from an image of a solid, understand how the edges of the rectangles join.
    Draw nets – Page 4 of download below.

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