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Mathematics Extension 1 (2019) booklets

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Course work booklets for the new Extension 1 (2019) course in NSW.

Latest version will always be available here.

The showcloze version is the teacher version.

Note: For some topics, the Extension 1 content has been included in the Advanced booklets. See: Mathematics Advanced and Extension 1 (2019) booklets.

24 July 2020: ME-S1 - The binomial distribution - updated
21 July 2020: ME-C2 Differential equations - updated
19 July 2020: ME-V1 and MEX-M1 - Applications of Calculus - Mechanics updated
7 July 2020: ME-S1 - The binomial distribution - added
19 May 2020: ME-V1 and MEX-M1 - Applications of Calculus - Mechanics updated
13 May 2020: ME-C2 Differential equations - added
26 April 2020: ME-V1 and MEX-M1 - Applications of Calculus - Mechanics added
14 April 2020: ME-T1 and ME-T2/3 added.
7 March 2020: ME-P1 / MEX-P2 Mathematical Induction updated
19 February 2020: ME-F1 Further functions updated
30 November 2019: ME-P1 / MEX-P2 Mathematical Induction added
21 October 2019: ME-F2 Polynomials added.
9 October 2019: ME-V1 added. NB: V1.1 + most of V1.2, To avoid overloading the topic with non-geometry problems, this booklet excludes much of: “solve problems involving displacement, force and velocity involving vector concepts in two dimensions (ACMSM023)”
1 August 2019: ME-C1 Rates of change added

24 January 2019 Edit: 24 July 2020

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Roslyn Burnes on  20 July 20  at  08:05 PM #

Thank you very much!

Sharon Connell on  29 May 20  at  06:19 PM #

Thank you for being so generous. These are great resources, particularly for becoming proficient with the new parts of the syllabus. Much appreciated!

mohini chand on  10 February 20  at  07:28 PM #

Thanks for sharing these resources. Much appreciated.

KAMerry on  24 January 20  at  04:03 PM #

Thank you for Sharing, a great resource.

Debbie on  09 December 19  at  10:19 PM #

Thank you so much. These are great.

Helen Sarlas on  14 October 19  at  09:15 AM #

Thank you .... appreciated.

Annette Gorham on  27 July 19  at  09:57 AM #

I am using this a a reference and work booklet. Thank you so much for all the prep work!

Michael Johnston on  05 February 19  at  11:22 AM #

Thank you Hubert and NBHS