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Mathematics Extension 1 (2019) booklets

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Resource Type: Booklet, Student Booklet

Course work booklets for the new Extension 1 (2019) course in NSW.

Latest version will always be available here.

The showcloze version is the teacher version.

Note: For some topics, the Extension 1 content has been included in the Advanced booklets. See: Mathematics Advanced and Extension 1 (2019) booklets

1 August 2019: ME-C1 Rates of change added

24 January 2019 Edit: 1 August 2019

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Annette Gorham on  27 July 19  at  09:57 AM #

I am using this a a reference and work booklet. Thank you so much for all the prep work!

Michael Johnston on  05 February 19  at  11:22 AM #

Thank you Hubert and NBHS