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Mathematics Advanced and Extension 1 (2019) booklets

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Course work booklets for the new Advanced and Extension 1 (2019) courses in NSW.

Latest version will always be available here.

The showcloze version is the teacher version.

Note: These booklets may include Extension 1 content. For the separate Extension 1 booklets see: Mathematics Extension 1 (2019) booklets.

28 July 2020: MA-M1 Modelling financial situations
23 July 2020: MA-S3 Continuous probability distributions
16 March 2020: MA-T3/C2/3/4 Calculus with trigonometric functions added
16 March 2020: MA-C2/3/4 Exponential and logarithmic functions updated
8 March 2020: MA-C2/3/4 Exponential and logarithmic functions added
19 February 2020: MA-F1 updated
19 February 2020: MA-C4 Integral calculus added
19 November 2019: MA-S1.2 Discrete probability distributions
19 November 2019: MA-F2/C3 Further differentiation: Curve sketching and optimisation - incorporates the curve sketching without calculus section of work in MA-F2.
4 October 2019 MA-S1.1 Probability added
1 August 2019: MA-E1 The exponential function added
1 August 2019: MA-C1 Introduction to differentiation updated
22 May 2019: MA-C1 Introduction to differentiation updated + showcloze added
15 May 2019: MA-C1 Introduction to differentiation
13 May 2019: MA-E1 added, excludes E1.3 (differentiation)
25 February 2019: maf-f1_functions + showcloze
14 February 2019: maf-f1_functions - major typo in Example 44
11 February 2019: ma-f1_functions - Section 5.2.1's answers were missing. It's now been reinserted.
1 February 2019: ma-f1_functions - corrections
29 January 2019: ma-f1_functions - some answers were corrected, and the showcloze had some words corrected

22 January 2019 Edit: 28 July 2020

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kanchan on  09 July 20  at  06:57 AM #

Thank you very much Hubert, these resources are very useful especially for the new syllabus topics.

Hubert on  07 July 20  at  09:26 PM #

hahaha “Showcloze” was actually a very simple LaTeX ifthen package implementation - the cloze package unfortunately relies on LuaLaTeX which adds an additional layer of complexity over plain vanilla LaTeX 😊

It does require the following packages to be loaded:

\usepackage{calc} % used by \widthof


\newcommand{\Cloze}[1]{ %
  \ifShowCloze %
      \dotuline{\parbox[b]{\widthof{\Huge\textbf{#1}}}{ \vphantom{\vspace{1ex}} \centering %
      {\color{red}  {\protect #1}} %
  \else %
      \dotuline{\parbox[b]{\widthof{\Huge\textbf{#1}}}{ \vphantom{\vspace{1ex}}\centering %
  \fi %

Simon Job on  23 May 20  at  10:44 AM #site manager

The cloze package Hubert is using has a hide and show option, hence the phrase.

Jonathan Bower on  23 May 20  at  09:29 AM #

Thanks Simon, I am interested in where “showcloze” the term initiated from

Simon Job on  22 May 20  at  03:15 PM #site manager

Hi Jonathan,
The regular version of the books include blanks for students to complete in some other definitions and other places. So, “showcloze” indicates that the blanks have been filled in.

Jonathan Bower on  22 May 20  at  12:45 PM #

I feel somewhat silly or naive but, what does “showcloze” actually mean, is it an application or programing command to hide/show information as you progress?