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A fully-featured clock for teaching time.  Toggle learning aids on or off.  Add a digital display.  Freely pick the time or lock it to 5 minute intervals.

This version replaces an older version that required Flash.

27 November 2017 Edit: 24 February 2023

BYOD ready
The Australian Curriculum
Measurement and GeometryUsing units of measurementACMMG020 Year 1 Tell time to the half-hourACMMG039 Year 2 Tell time to the quarter-hour, using the language of ‘past’ and ‘to’ACMMG062 Year 3 Tell time to the minute and investigate the relationship between units of timeACMMG086 Year 4 Use am and pm notation and solve simple time problemsACMMG199 Year 8 Solve problems involving duration, including using 12- and 24-hour time within a sin
The Australian Curriculum Version 9.0 New
Year 2Measurement Year 2AC9M2M04 recognise and read the time represented on an analog clock to the hour, half-hour and quartYear 3Measurement Year 3AC9M3M03 recognise and use the relationship between formal units of time including days, hours, minuYear 4Measurement Year 4AC9M4M03 solve problems involving the duration of time including situations involving “am” and “pm” Year 8Measurement Year 8AC9M8M04 solve problems involving duration, including using 12- and 24-hour time across multiple tim
Australian Curriculum / Essential Mathematics
Unit 2 Topic 4 Time and motionTimeACMEM076 use units of time, conversions between units, fractional, digital and decimal representatioACMEM077 represent time using 12-hour and 24-hour clocks
NSW Mathematics K-10 Syllabus
Measurement and GeometryMA1-13MG TimeMA2-13MG TimeMA3-13MG TimeMA4-15MG Time
NSW Curriculum New
Measurement and spaceNon-spatial measureMA1-NSM Non-spatial measureMA1-NSM-02 Non-spatial measureMA2-NSM Non-spatial measureMA2-NSM-02 Non-spatial measureMA3-NSM Non-spatial measureMA3-NSM-02 Non-spatial measureLife Skills for Stage 4/5MALS-TIM Recognising and interpreting time
NSW Mathematics Standard Stage 6 Syllabus
MeasurementMS-M2 Working with Time

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