Reading Scales: Mass (Alternate link)

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Generates and unending amount of scales to read from. Mass scales for kilograms and grams.

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22 February 2015 Edit: 6 February 2022

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The Australian Curriculum
Measurement and GeometryUsing units of measurementACMMG061 Year 3 Measure, order and compare objects using familiar metric units of length, mass and cACMMG084 Year 4 Use scaled instruments to measure and compare lengths, masses, capacities and temperACMMG108 Year 5 Choose appropriate units of measurement for length, area, volume, capacity and massACMMG135 Year 6 Connect decimal representations to the metric systemACMMG136 Year 6 Convert between common metric units of length, mass and capacity
The Australian Curriculum Version 9.0 New
Year 3Measurement Year 3AC9M3M01 identify which metric units are used to measure everyday items; use measurements of familiaYear 4Measurement Year 4AC9M4M01 interpret unmarked and partial units when measuring and comparing attributes of length, masYear 5Measurement Year 5AC9M5M01 choose appropriate metric units when measuring the length, mass and capacity of objects; usYear 6Measurement Year 6AC9M6M01 convert between common metric units of length, mass and capacity; choose and use decimal re
NSW Mathematics K-10 Syllabus
Measurement and GeometryMA2-12MG MassMA3-12MG Mass
NSW Curriculum New
Measurement and spaceNon-spatial measureMA2-NSM Non-spatial measureMA2-NSM-01 Non-spatial measureMA3-NSM Non-spatial measureMA3-NSM-01 Non-spatial measure
NSW Mathematics Standard Stage 6 Syllabus
MeasurementMS-M1 Applications of MeasurementMS-M1.3 Units of energy and mass

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