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Sub-topics:  14.1 Rates of change as derivatives with respect to time. (3)  14.1E Rates of change as derivatives with respect to time. (1)  14.2 E Equation dN/dt = k(N-P) (2)  14.2 Exponential growth and decay; rate of change of population. (6)  14.3 E Projectile motion (7)  14.3 E Velocity and acceleration as functions of x (2)  14.3 i the determination of the velocity and acceleration of a particle given its distance fr… (5)  14.3 ii the determination of the distance of a particle from a given point, given its acceler… (5)  14.3 Velocity and acceleration as time derivatives. Applications involving: (8)  14.4 E Simple harmonic motion (13) 

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