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Booklets for the Mathematics Advanced (NSW) course produced by Caringbah High School.

Added 14 March 2019: 11.4 Transformations and symmetry added

16 February 2019 Edit: 14 March 2019

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Chris Harris on  21 June 19  at  09:49 AM #

Hi Steven,
Any more booklets to share?
I’m enjoying teaching the new course! Chris.

Troy Kastelan on  11 April 19  at  11:45 AM #

Thanks Stephen. I’ve really appreciated their quality 😊

Steven_Choi on  11 April 19  at  11:03 AM #contributor

My class is now doing chapter 12 probability, my school do it in different order, once I finished the booklet, I will upload them. Great to hear your feedback.

Troy Kastelan on  11 April 19  at  10:31 AM #

WOW these notes are really well done and a great resource! Are there any more that could be shared? Eg Trig and Coordinate Plane? They are such great quality!

keshni.singh on  22 March 19  at  12:44 PM #

thanks Steven great resources, its much appreciated.

Charlene Coates on  17 March 19  at  09:31 PM #

Absolutely fantastic resource, very generous of you to share 😊

Lyn Cameron on  15 March 19  at  02:23 PM #

thanks Steven - your generosity is much appreciated!

Chris Harris on  14 March 19  at  09:40 AM #

Dear Steven,
Thank you for sharing your notes for the new Mathematics Advanced course Chapters 1-3.
My class and I are loving them!
We are just about to start Chapter 4 and would love to keep the momentum going.
So, are you able to share more?
Totally up to you, thanks, Chris.