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Booklets for the Mathematics Advanced (NSW) course produced by Caringbah High School.

Added 14 March 2019: 11.4 Transformations and symmetry added

16 February 2019 Edit: 7 April 2020

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Qi Zhou on  02 January 21  at  11:31 PM #

Dear Steven
Thank you for the resources.
Just wondering if you have any other chapter in the Year 12 course (with solution)?
Thanks so much

nicole frykberg on  27 October 20  at  09:47 PM #

Heartfelt gratitude for this generous share.

Janine Fry on  19 October 20  at  11:44 AM #

These are awesome Steven. I’m teaching advanced next year for the first time in a while and these will definitely help. Do you have anymore booklets you would be willing to share for this course?

Simon Job on  07 April 20  at  09:34 AM #site manager

Answers have been added, see the Files tab.

Steven_Choi on  03 April 20  at  02:08 PM #contributor

currently working from home, when I return to school next week, I will post up the solution. The solution was in my school network drive.

Simon Job on  01 April 20  at  10:00 AM #site manager

If others would like to contribute solutions, I am happy to host them here.

Craig Milne on  01 April 20  at  09:58 AM #

Hi Steven,
I was also interested in a solutions page.

Julie Stringer on  12 March 20  at  04:31 PM #

Hi Steven,
I’m teaching advanced for the first time & really appreciate your booklets. Is there a set of answers?
Thanks Julie

Chris Harris on  21 June 19  at  09:49 AM #

Hi Steven,
Any more booklets to share?
I’m enjoying teaching the new course! Chris.

Troy Kastelan on  11 April 19  at  11:45 AM #

Thanks Stephen. I’ve really appreciated their quality 😊

Steven_Choi on  11 April 19  at  11:03 AM #contributor

My class is now doing chapter 12 probability, my school do it in different order, once I finished the booklet, I will upload them. Great to hear your feedback.

Troy Kastelan on  11 April 19  at  10:31 AM #

WOW these notes are really well done and a great resource! Are there any more that could be shared? Eg Trig and Coordinate Plane? They are such great quality!

keshni.singh on  22 March 19  at  12:44 PM #

thanks Steven great resources, its much appreciated.

Charlene Coates on  17 March 19  at  09:31 PM #

Absolutely fantastic resource, very generous of you to share 😊

Lyn Cameron on  15 March 19  at  02:23 PM #

thanks Steven - your generosity is much appreciated!

Chris Harris on  14 March 19  at  09:40 AM #

Dear Steven,
Thank you for sharing your notes for the new Mathematics Advanced course Chapters 1-3.
My class and I are loving them!
We are just about to start Chapter 4 and would love to keep the momentum going.
So, are you able to share more?
Totally up to you, thanks, Chris.