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Functions investigation

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Resource Type: Assessment, Assignment, Investigation, Printable

An investigative assessment task on Functions for the NSW Mathematics 2/3 Unit Preliminary course.

Covers: linear, quadratic, absolute value, hyperbola, cubic, exponential, circles, 

23 May 2018 Edit: 18 June 2018

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Australian Curriculum / Mathematical Methods:
Unit 1 Topic 1 Functions and graphsFunctionsACMMM025 examine translations and the graphs of y=f(x)+ay=fx+a and y=f(x+b)y=f(x+b) Graphs of relationsACMMM020 recognise features of the graphs of x2+y2=r2x2+y2=r2 and (x−a)2+(y−b)2=r2x-a2+y-b2=r2…ACMMM021 recognise features of the graph of y2=xy2=x including its parabolic shape and its axi…Lines and linear relationshipsACMMM003 recognise features of the graph of y=mx+c, including its linear nature, its intercept…Powers and polynomialsACMMM014 recognise features of the graphs of y=xny=xn for n∈N,  n=−1 and n=½n∈N,  n=-1 and n=½…Review of quadratic relationshipsACMMM007 recognise features of the graphs of y=x2y=x2, y=a(x−b)2+c,y=a(x-b)2+c, and y=a(x−b)(x…
NSW Mathematics Advanced Stage 6 Syllabus:
FunctionsMA-F1 Working with FunctionsF1.3 Linear, quadratic and cubic functionsF1.4 Further functions and relationsMA-F2 Graphing TechniquesExponential and Logarithmic FunctionsMA-E1 Logarithms and ExponentialsE1.4: Graphs and applications of exponential and logarithmic functions
NSW Mathematics Extension 1 Stage 6 Syllabus:
FunctionsME-F1 Further Work with FunctionsME-F1.1 Graphical relationships
NSW Stage 6 Mathematics and Extension 1:
4 Real Functions of a Real Variable and Their Geometrical Representation4.2 The graph of a function. Simple examples.4.3 Algebraic representation of geometrical relationships. Locus problems.6 Linear Functions and Lines6.1 The linear function y = mx + b and its graph.9 The Quadratic Polynomial and the Parabola9.1 The quadratic polynomial ax² + bx + c. Graph of a quadratic function. Roots of a qua…

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Jane Morgan on  31 May 18  at  04:16 PM #

Thankyou Meagan - I used this one 😊. It was very good. I changed the x+h to x-h. Otherwise used as is. Thankyou for sharing. It is better than the one I had.