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20 February 2018 Edit: 20 February 2018

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MeasurementSurface Area
Resource Type:
ImageDiagram Library
The Australian Curriculum
Measurement and GeometryUsing units of measurementACMMG216 Year 9 Calculate the areas of composite shapesACMMG217 Year 9 Calculate the surface area and volume of cylinders and solve related problemsACMMG218 Year 9 Solve problems involving the surface area and volume of right prismsACMMG242 Year 10 Solve problems involving surface area and volume for a range of prisms, cylinders aACMMG271 Year 10A Solve problems involving surface area and volume of right pyramids, right cones, s
The Australian Curriculum Version 9.0 New
Year 8Measurement Year 8AC9M8M01 solve problems involving the area and perimeter of irregular and composite shapes using appYear 9Measurement Year 9AC9M9M01 solve problems involving the volume and surface area of right prisms and cylinders using apYear 10Measurement Year 10AC9M10M01 solve problems involving the surface area and volume of composite objects using appropriat
Australian Curriculum / Essential Mathematics
Unit 3 Topic 1 MeasurementArea measureACMEM095 find the surface area of familiar solids, including cubes, rectangular and triangular prismACMEM096 find the surface area of pyramids, such as rectangular- and triangular-based pyramids ACMEM097 use addition of the area of the faces of solids to find the surface area of irregular solid
Australian Curriculum / General Mathematics
Unit 1 Topic 3 Shape and measurementMensurationACMGM020 calculate the surface areas of standard three-dimensional objects such as spheres, re…
NSW Mathematics K-10 Syllabus
Measurement and GeometryMA5.1-8MG Area and Surface AreaMA5.2-11MG Area and Surface AreaMA5.3-13MG Area and Surface Area
NSW Curriculum New
Measurement and spaceArea and surface areaMA5-ARE-C-01 Area and surface area AMA5-ARE-P-01 Area and surface area B (Path)
NSW Mathematics Standard Stage 6 Syllabus
MeasurementMS-M1 Applications of MeasurementMS-M1.2 Perimeter, area and volume

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