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Two-Step Equations

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Resource Type: Worksheet - Electronic

An electronic, self-checking worksheet for solving two-step equations. An activity for students to complete in a computer lab or on their own device. Provide immediate feedback.

10 May 2014 Edit: 6 December 2017

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Simon Job on  16 October 17  at  09:40 PM #site manager

Hi Sue, Google Classroom likes to shove everything through Google docs. Unfortunately, the steps are not nice to overcome this. 1. Click on the file in the classroom stream. This opens a preview, click the 3 dots top right to “Open in new Window”. 2. Then, you will see another preview - two options - click Open with Microsoft Excel. If this does not appear, there should now be a download arrow top right. Another way might be to direct your classes to a Google Drive folder where the file is stored, and they can download from there.

sue smith on  16 October 17  at  08:34 PM #

Would love to use this resource ! However, I am having difficulty uploading to my Google classroom. It appears to upload but then I can’t actually type any numbers/operations in. Tried copying the link too. Probably am doing something wrong??

Simon Job on  26 February 15  at  07:42 PM #site manager

Kelly, thanks for letting me know about the problem. I’ve fixed that.

Kelly on  22 October 14  at  09:46 PM #

This resource is amazing! A teensy column width glitch on some of the question on about worksheet 4. I love it, have used it with mixed ability year 8, low ability year 8 and low ability year 9.