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Sub-topics:  ACMNA178 Year 7 Given coordinates, plot points on the Cartesian plane, and find coordinates for a gi (13)  ACMNA179 Year 7 Solve simple linear equations (17)  ACMNA180 Year 7 Investigate, interpret and analyse graphs from authentic data (9)  ACMNA193 Year 8 Plot linear relationships on the Cartesian plane with and without the use of digital (9)  ACMNA194 Year 8 Solve linear equations using algebraic and graphical techniques. Verify solutions by (9)  ACMNA214 Year 9 Find the distance between two points located on a Cartesian plane using a range of s (4)  ACMNA215 Year 9 Sketch linear graphs using the coordinates of two points (5)  ACMNA235 Year 10 Solve problems involving linear equations, including those derived from formulas (0)  ACMNA236 Year 10 Solve linear inequalities and graph their solutions on a number line (2)  ACMNA237 Year 10 Solve linear simultaneous equations, using algebraic and graphical techniques inclu (4)  ACMNA238 Year 10 Solve problems involving parallel and perpendicular lines (1)  ACMNA239 Year 10 Explore the connection between algebraic and graphical representations of relations (2)  ACMNA240 Year 10 Solve linear equations involving simple algebraic fractions (0)  ACMNA241 Year 10 Solve simple quadratic equations using a range of strategies (2)  ACMNA267 Year 10A Describe, interpret and sketch parabolas, hyperbolas, circles and exponential func (8)  ACMNA268 Year 10A Apply understanding of polynomials to sketch a range of curves and describe the fe (2)  ACMNA269 Year 10A Factorise monic and nonmonic quadratic expressions and solve a wide range of quadr (9)  ACMNA270 Year 10A Solve simple exponential equations (1)  ACMNA294 Year 9 Find the midpoint and gradient of a line segment (interval) on the Cartesian plane u (6)  ACMNA296 Year 9 Sketch simple nonlinear relations with and without the use of digital technologies (2)