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Year 11 Advanced Math Desmos Investigative Task

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Resource Type: Assessment, Assignment

This is a DESMOS Advanced Maths Assessment Task based on Marblestars.

I selected one of each type of slide at random to make 18 individual Assessment Tasks. The notification is attached and the code you need to access the Desmos activity is VQURC3 on

27 February 2019 Edit: 28 February 2019

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Sam on  06 February 22  at  06:37 PM #

Hey Kristen
Thanks for sharing this work. I tried to downloaded it but most of the pages are blank. Is there a way to get the complete assignment?
Thanks Emile

Wendy Cook on  28 August 21  at  11:08 PM #

Hi Kristen,
Is it possible to get access to the DESMOS component of this task?

jld2272 on  01 February 21  at  10:44 PM #

Hi Kristen,
Are you able to refresh the Desmos code for this activity, please?

Janine Fry on  29 November 20  at  12:41 PM #

Hi Kristen,
This looks awesome. Is it possible for you to share the Desmos activity with me? I would greatly appreciate it. Thanking you in advance, Janine

Cassandra Brotherton on  15 October 20  at  08:47 AM #

Good Morning Kristen,

This is a stellar idea, we have done a similar thing on paper but prefer yours as it appears to set up different functions so students do not have exactly the same. Also a huge desmos fan.  Can you share / pass on the desmos activity,?I cannot access.  Many thanks Cassandra.

Leonie Allport on  24 May 20  at  09:12 PM #

Hi, is there a new code available for this task?

Dainelle Meyers on  24 December 19  at  12:17 AM #

Hi. I tried to have a look at the file associated with this task (2020 will be my first year teaching Advanced, and i really like the look of this task), but Desmos is telling me that the code needed to access the file has expired. Am i able to access it another way?