Stacking Cups

Activity, Three-Act, Video

Stacking two different disposable cups.

8 August 2013 Edit: 26 March 2017

The Australian Curriculum
Number and AlgebraLinear and nonlinear relationshipsACMNA193 Year 8 Plot linear relationships on the Cartesian plane with and without the use of digitalACMNA237 Year 10 Solve linear simultaneous equations, using algebraic and graphical techniques inclu
The Australian Curriculum Version 9.0 New
Year 8Algebra Year 8AC9M8A02 graph linear relations on the Cartesian plane using digital tools where appropriate; solve Year 10Algebra Year 10AC9M10A02 solve linear inequalities and simultaneous linear equations in 2 variables; interpret solu
Australian Curriculum / General Mathematics
ACMGM040 construct straight-line graphs both with and without the aid of technology ACMGM041 determine the slope and intercepts of a straight-line graph from both its equation an…ACMGM042 interpret, in context, the slope and intercept of a straight-line graph used to model…ACMGM043 construct and analyse a straight-line graph to model a given linear relationship; for…ACMGM044 solve a pair of simultaneous linear equations, using technology when appropriate ACMGM045 solve practical problems that involve finding the point of intersection of two straig…
Australian Curriculum / Mathematical Methods
ACMMM002 examine examples of direct proportion and linearly related variables ACMMM003 recognise features of the graph of y=mx+c, including its linear nature, its intercept…
NSW Mathematics K-10 Syllabus
Number and AlgebraMA4-11NA Linear RelationshipsMA5.2-8NA Equations
NSW Curriculum New
Number and algebraEquationsMA5-EQU-P-01 Equations B (Path)Linear relationshipsMA4-LIN-C-01 Linear relationships
NSW Mathematics Standard Stage 6 Syllabus
AlgebraMS-A2 Linear RelationshipsMS-A3.1 Simultaneous linear equationsMS-A4.1 Simultaneous linear equations

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