Stacking Cups

Activity, Three-Act, Video

Stacking two different disposable cups.

8 August 2013 Edit: 26 March 2017

The Australian Curriculum:
Number and AlgebraLinear and nonlinear relationshipsACMNA193 Year 8 Plot linear relationships on the Cartesian plane with and without the use of digitalACMNA237 Year 10 Solve linear simultaneous equations, using algebraic and graphical techniques inclu
Australian Curriculum / General Mathematics:
ACMGM040 construct straight-line graphs both with and without the aid of technology ACMGM041 determine the slope and intercepts of a straight-line graph from both its equation an…ACMGM042 interpret, in context, the slope and intercept of a straight-line graph used to model…ACMGM043 construct and analyse a straight-line graph to model a given linear relationship; for…ACMGM044 solve a pair of simultaneous linear equations, using technology when appropriate ACMGM045 solve practical problems that involve finding the point of intersection of two straig…
Australian Curriculum / Mathematical Methods:
ACMMM002 examine examples of direct proportion and linearly related variables ACMMM003 recognise features of the graph of y=mx+c, including its linear nature, its intercept…
NSW Mathematics K-10 Syllabus:
Number and AlgebraMA4-11NA Linear RelationshipsMA5.2-8NA Equations
NSW General Syllabus:
AM: Algebra and ModellingAM2: Interpreting linear relationshipsAM4: Modelling linear relationships
NSW Mathematics Standard Stage 6 Syllabus:
AlgebraMS-A2 Linear RelationshipsMS-A3.1 Simultaneous linear equationsMS-A4.1 Simultaneous linear equations

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