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GeoGebra, Publisher, NSW Department of Education

This web-based, multimedia resource focuses on the geometry of the Stage 4 and Stage 5 Mathematics syllabus. It comprises 70 dynamic html worksheets, each exploring a different outcome in Stage 4 and Stage 5 geometry.

17 September 2018 Edit: 18 September 2018

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The Australian Curriculum
Measurement and GeometryGeometric reasoningACMMG141 Year 6 Investigate, with and without digital technologies, angles on a straight line, angleACMMG163 Year 7 Identify corresponding, alternate and cointerior angles when two parallel straight lACMMG164 Year 7 Investigate conditions for two lines to be parallel and solve simple numerical problACMMG166 Year 7 Demonstrate that the angle sum of a triangle is 180° and use this to find the aACMMG202 Year 8 Establish properties of quadrilaterals using congruent triangles and angle propertieACMMG244 Year 10 Apply logical reasoning, including the use of congruence and similarity, to proofs ACMMG272 Year 10A Prove and apply angle and chord properties of circles
The Australian Curriculum Version 9.0 New
Year 6Measurement Year 6AC9M6M04 identify the relationships between angles on a straight line, angles at a point and verticaYear 7Measurement Year 7AC9M7M04 identify corresponding, alternate and co-interior relationships between angles formed when AC9M7M05 demonstrate that the interior angle sum of a triangle in the plane is 180° and apply this tYear 8Space Year 8AC9M8SP02 establish properties of quadrilaterals using congruent triangles and angle properties, andYear 10Space Year 10AC9M10SP01 apply deductive reasoning to proofs involving shapes in the plane and use theorems to sol
NSW Mathematics K-10 Syllabus
Measurement and GeometryMA3-15MG Two-Dimensional SpaceMA3-16MG AnglesMA4-17MG Properties of Geometrical FiguresMA4-18MG Angle RelationshipsMA5.2-14MG Properties of Geometrical FiguresMA5.3-16MG Properties of Geometrical FiguresMA5.3-17MG Circle Geometry 
NSW Curriculum New
Measurement and spaceGeometric measureMAE-GM Geometric measureMAE-GM-01 Geometric measureTwo-dimensional spatial structureMA3-2DS Two-dimensional spatial structureMA3-2DS-01 Two-dimensional spatial structureProperties of geometrical figuresMA4-GEO-C-01 Properties of geometrical figuresMA5-GEO-P-01 Properties of geometrical figures B (Path)MA5-GEO-P-02 Properties of geometrical figures C (Path)Angle relationshipsMA4-ANG-C-01 Angle relationshipsMA5-CIR-P-01 Circle geometry (Path)

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