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Sub-topics:  ACMMM034 understand the unit circle definition of cosθ, sinθcos⁡θ, sin⁡θ and tanθtan⁡θ and per… (12)  ACMMM035 recognise the exact values of sinθ, cosθ and tanθsin⁡θ, cos⁡θ and tan⁡θ at integer mu… (1)  ACMMM036 recognise the graphs of y=sinx, y=cosx, and y=tanxy=sin⁡x, y=cos⁡x, and y=tan⁡x on ex… (1)  ACMMM037 examine amplitude changes and the graphs of y=asinxy=asin⁡x and y=acosxy=acos⁡x  (1)  ACMMM038 examine period changes and the graphs of y=sinbx, y=sin⁡bx, y=cosbxy=cos⁡bx, and y=ta… (1)  ACMMM039 examine phase changes and the graphs of y=sin(x+c), y=sin⁡(x+c), y=cos(x+c)y=cos⁡(x+c… (1)  ACMMM040 y=tan (x+c) y=tan ⁡(x+c) and the relationships sin(x+π2)=cosxsin⁡x+π2=cos⁡x and cos(x… (0)  ACMMM041 prove and apply the angle sum and difference identities  (0)  ACMMM042 identify contexts suitable for modelling by trigonometric functions and use them to s… (0)  ACMMM043 solve equations involving trigonometric functions using technology, and algebraically… (2)