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Maths teaching videos by Joel Speranza mapped to various Australian Senior Maths currciulums, including NSW.

17 August 2021 Edit: 17 August 2021

Australian Curriculum / Mathematical Methods
Unit 1 Topic 1 Functions and graphsFunctionsGraphs of relationsInverse proportionLines and linear relationshipsPowers and polynomialsReview of quadratic relationshipsUnit 1 Topic 2 Trigonometric functionsCosine and sine rulesTrigonometric functionsUnit 1 Topic 3 Counting and probabilityUnit 2 Topic 1 Exponential functionsExponential functionsUnit 2 Topic 2 Arithmetic and geometric sequences and seriesArithmetic sequencesGeometric sequencesUnit 2 Topic 3 Introduction to differential calculusApplications of derivativesUnit 3 Topic 1 Further differentiation and applicationsDifferentiation rulesExponential functionsThe second derivative and applications of differentiationTrigonometric functionsUnit 3 Topic 2 IntegralsAnti-differentiationApplications of integrationDefinite integralsUnit 3 Topic 3 Discrete random variablesGeneral discrete random variablesUnit 4 Topic 2 Continuous random variables and the normal distributionGeneral continuous random variablesNormal distributionsUnit 4 Topic 3 Interval estimates for proportionsSample proportions
Australian Curriculum / Specialist Mathematics
Unit 1 Topic 1 CombinatoricsPermutations (ordered arrangements):The inclusion-exclusion principle for the union of two sets and three sets:The pigeon-hole principle:Combinations (unordered selections):Unit 1 Topic 2 Vectors in the planeRepresenting vectors in the plane by directed line segments:Algebra of vectors in the plane:Unit 1 Topic 3 GeometryThe nature of proof:Circle properties and their proofs including the following theorems:Geometric proofs using vectors in the plane including:Unit 2 Topic 1 TrigonometryThe basic trigonometric functions:Compound angles:The reciprocal trigonometric functions, secant, cosecant and cotangent:Trigonometric identities:Applications of trigonometric functions to model periodic phenomena:Unit 2 Topic 2 MatricesMatrix arithmetic:Transformations in the plane:Unit 2 Topic 3 Real and complex numbersProofs involving numbers:Rational and irrational numbers:An introduction to proof by mathematical induction:Complex numbers:The complex plane:Roots of equations:

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