Excel formula

Generate Random Integers | #

Use the RANDBETWEEN function to generate random integers.


where bottom is the smallest integer RANDBETWEEN will return and
top is the largest integer RANDBETWEEN will return.

For example, to simulate a six-sided dice.


Summary Statistics - syllabus example | #

Use a spreadsheet to examine the effect on the calculate summary statistics of changing the value of a score.

Syllabus: Mathematics General Course, page 37

Mean: =AVERAGE(B3:B7)

Median: =MEDIAN(B3:B7)

S.D.: =STDEV.P(B3:B7)

where B3:B7 is the range of cells containing numerical data.

Summary Statistics (mean, mode, median) | #

Calculate summary statistics: mean, mode, median

Mean: =AVERAGE(B1:B4)

Mode: =MODE(B1:B4)

Median: =MEDIAN(B1:B4)

where B1:B4 is the range of cells containing numerical data.