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Volume - diagram library

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Image of solids for volume.

18 February 2018 Edit: 22 February 2018

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The Australian Curriculum:
Measurement and GeometryUsing units of measurementACMMG138 Year 6 Connect volume and capacity and their units of measurementACMMG160 Year 7 Calculate volumes of rectangular prismsACMMG195 Year 8 Choose appropriate units of measurement for area and volume and convert from one uniACMMG198 Year 8 Develop the formulas for volumes of rectangular and triangular prisms and prisms in ACMMG218 Year 9 Solve problems involving the surface area and volume of right prismsACMMG242 Year 10 Solve problems involving surface area and volume for a range of prisms, cylinders aACMMG271 Year 10A Solve problems involving surface area and volume of right pyramids, right cones, s
Australian Curriculum / Essential Mathematics:
Unit 1 Topic 2 MeasurementVolume and capacityACMEM027 use metric units of volume, their abbreviations, conversions between them, and appropriate ACMEM028 understand the relationship between volume and capacityACMEM030 calculate the volume of objects, such as cubes and rectangular and triangular prisms.Unit 3 Topic 1 MeasurementVolume and capacityACMEM101 review metric units of volume, their abbreviations, conversions between them, and appropriaACMEM102 recognise relations between volume and capacity, recognising that 1cm^3 = 1mL and 1m^3 = 1ACMEM103 use formulas to find the volume and capacity of regular objects such as cubes, rectangular ACMEM104 use formulas to find the volume of pyramids and spheres.
Australian Curriculum / General Mathematics:
Unit 1 Topic 3 Shape and measurementMensurationACMGM019 calculate the volumes of standard three-dimensional objects such as spheres, rectangu…
NSW Mathematics K-10 Syllabus:
Measurement and GeometryMA3-11MG Volume and CapacityMA4-14MG VolumeMA5.2-12MG VolumeMA5.3-14MG Volume
NSW Mathematics Standard Stage 6 Syllabus:
MeasurementMS-M1 Applications of MeasurementMS-M1.2 Perimeter, area and volume

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Amanda Neven on  06 May 18  at  06:10 PM #

Thank-you - I will be using this resource this week as I think my Yr 7 Math students will love it - I will let you know how successful it is 😊