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Mathematics Advanced revision checklist

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This is a revision checklist for Mathematics Advanced students to use as they prepared for the HSC Examination.

The checklist is a work-in-progress, and I will be seeking the input of my students to improve it.

I printed this as an A5 booklet.

This document is shared as a PDF, the original is a LaTeX document see "Show Updates" below.
You are free to copy and edit this document, as per the Creative Commons licence, I ask that you share improvements.

Suggestions for improvement are welcomed in the comments.

  • v1 Latex
  • 16 Sep 2020: v2 Latex. Changes include the use of the paperclip icon for common Adv/Std2 content.
  • 12 July 2021: v2.1 Latex. Correction to max/min, using the second derivative and adding of checking for concavity for points of inflection.

3 September 2020 Edit: 12 July 2021

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This resource has been shared under a Creative Commons license:
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Stephen on  21 July 23  at  08:11 AM #

This is a fantastic resource. Thanks for sharing!

Gaviel on  06 April 22  at  09:03 AM #

Thank you for making this! It is a brilliant resource

Irini Kacopieros on  15 September 20  at  05:16 PM #

This is brilliant, I will give to my students and if we have any updates will definitely let you know! 😊