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Standard 2 Formula Bingo

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A bingo game for the NSW Mathematics Standard 2 Reference Sheet.

  • Print the cards on coloured cardboard and give each student/group 16 counters per card. There are six different cards, so some groups will double-up.
  • First prize was for 4 corners or a line... then we played for the full card.
  • Correct formulas are in the notes for each slide.
  • Every formula on the cards appears once from slides 1-31 and again from 32-65, so there should be enough questions for at least two full games.
  • Swap cards around and use the same slides for additional games so they have different formulas to find.

Problems... some groups didn’t recognise the formulas they needed on each slide, so by slide 31 no-one had called BINGO... we kept going, then started the second round again at slide 32.

23 September 2020 Edit: 23 September 2020

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