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Sub-topics:  ACMMG222 Year 9 Investigate Pythagoras’ Theorem and its application to solving simple problems (17)  ACMMG223 Year 9 Use similarity to investigate the constancy of the sine, cosine and tangent ratios f (2)  ACMMG224 Year 9 Apply trigonometry to solve right-angled triangle problems (9)  ACMMG245 Year 10 Solve right-angled triangle problems including those involving direction and angles (1)  ACMMG273 Year 10A Establish the sine, cosine and area rules for any triangle and solve related probl (2)  ACMMG274 Year 10A Use the unit circle to define trigonometric functions, and graph them with and wit (24)  ACMMG275 Year 10A Solve simple trigonometric equations (2)  ACMMG276 Year 10A Apply Pythagoras’ theorem and trigonometry to solving three-dimensional prob (6) 

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How wide is No Man’s Land?
Activity, Worksheet - Print | Word
Identifying the Sides Worksheet
Worksheet - Print | Image: JPEG, PDF
Graphing Trig Functions
Worksheet - Print | PDF, Word