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NSW Curriculum 7-10 Mathematics Syllabus


Stage 4 Stage 5 Core Stage 5 Path
Topic: Number and Algebra
Computation with integers    
Fractions, decimals and percentages    
Ratios and rates   Variation and rates of change A
    Variation and rates of change B
Algebraic techniques Algebraic techniques A Algebraic techniques B
    Algebraic techniques C
Indices Indices A Indices B
    Indices C
Equations Equations A Equations B
    Equations C
Linear relationships Linear relationships A Linear relationships C
  Linear relationships B  
  Non-linear relationships A Non-linear relationships C
  Non-linear relationships B  
    Functions and other graphs
Stage 4 Stage 5 Core Stage 5 Path
Topic: Measurement and space
Right-angled triangles (Pythagoras' theorem) Trigonometry A Trigonometry C
  Trigonometry B  
Area Area and surface area A Area and surface area B
Volume Volume A Volume B
Angle relationships    
Properties of geometrical figures Properties of geometrical figures A Properties of geometrical figures B
    Properties of geometrical figures C
  Numbers of any magnitude  
    Circle geometry
    Introduction to networks
Stage 4 Stage 5 Core Stage 5 Path
Topic: Statistics and Probability
Data classification and visualisation    
Data analysis Data analysis A Data analysis C
  Data analysis B  
Probability Probability A Probability B

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