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Crack the Code or Lockbox

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This activity can be adjusted to any age, any topic & any ability level. Individual, pairs or teams. I've used with Yr 7 to Extension 2.

You will need to buy a lockable box & a 4 digit combination lock - I got mine at Bunnings.

  1. Print off one set of pages for each team/pair/person.
  2. Place a prize in a box locked with a combination padlock and set to the code given for the task (to the nearest whole number).
  3. Pupils try to complete the 12 questions and input these into the algebraic expression (project page 4 on the screen or print off for each group). (Some codes don't use all the letters). Final answer is to the nearest whole number.
  4. Pupils only get the prize if they crack the code. If a team try unsuccessfully you might want to tell them which questions they’ve got wrong.

24 January 2021 Edit: 17 December 2022

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