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This parent support kit is designed to help parents understand what children learn in each grade.

The parent support kit uses parent-friendly language to explain the skills that children work to achieve by the end of each grade.

6 February 2019 Edit: 6 February 2019

NSW Mathematics K-10 Syllabus:
Number and AlgebraMAe-4NA Whole NumbersMAe-5NA Addition and SubtractionMAe-6NA Multiplication and DivisionMAe-7NA Fractions and DecimalsMAe-8NA Patterns and AlgebraMA1-4NA Whole NumbersMA1-5NA Addition and SubtractionMA1-6NA Multiplication and DivisionMA1-7NA Fractions and DecimalsMA1-8NA Patterns and AlgebraMA2-4NA Whole NumbersMA2-5NA Addition and SubtractionMA2-6NA Multiplication and DivisionMA2-7NA Fractions and DecimalsMA2-8NA Patterns and AlgebraMA3-4NA Whole NumbersMA3-5NA Addition and SubtractionMA3-6NA Multiplication and DivisionMA3-7NA Fractions, Decimals and PercentagesMA3-8NA Patterns and AlgebraMeasurement and GeometryMAe-9MG LengthMAe-10MG AreaMAe-11MG Volume and CapacityMAe-12MG MassMAe-13MG TimeMAe-14MG Three-Dimensional SpaceMAe-15MG Two-Dimensional SpaceMAe-16MG PositionMA1-9MG LengthMA1-10MG AreaMA1-11MG Volume and CapacityMA1-12MG MassMA1-13MG TimeMA1-14MG Three-Dimensional SpaceMA1-15MG Two-Dimensional SpaceMA1-16MG PositionMA2-9MG LengthMA2-10MG AreaMA2-11MG Volume and CapacityMA2-12MG MassMA2-13MG TimeMA2-14MG Three-Dimensional SpaceMA2-15MG Two-Dimensional SpaceMA2-16MG AnglesMA2-17MG PositionMA3-9MG LengthMA3-10MG AreaMA3-11MG Volume and CapacityMA3-12MG MassMA3-13MG TimeMA3-14MG Three-Dimensional SpaceMA3-15MG Two-Dimensional SpaceMA3-16MG AnglesMA3-17MG PositionStatistics and ProbabilityMAe-17SP DataMA1-17SP DataMA1-18SP ChanceMA2-18SP DataMA2-19SP ChanceMA3-18SP DataMA3-19SP Chance

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