The Order of Operations is Wrong

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This video shows how the mechanical 'order of operations' mnemonics taught in schools are unhelpful.

9 March 2016 Edit: 8 March 2016

The Australian Curriculum
Number and AlgebraNumber and place valueACMNA149 Year 7 Investigate index notation and represent whole numbers as products of powers of primACMNA150 Year 7 Investigate and use square roots of perfect square numbersACMNA183 Year 8 Carry out the four operations with integers, using efficient mental and written straPatterns and algebraACMNA134 Year 6 Explore the use of brackets and order of operations to write number sentencesACMNA192 Year 8 Simplify algebraic expressions involving the four operations
The Australian Curriculum Version 9.0 New
Year 6Algebra Year 6AC9M6A02 find unknown values in numerical equations involving brackets and combinations of arithmetiYear 7Number Year 7AC9M7N01 describe the relationship between perfect square numbers and square roots, and use squares AC9M7N02 represent natural numbers as products of powers of prime numbers using exponent notationYear 8Number Year 8AC9M8N04 use the 4 operations with integers and with rational numbers, choosing and using efficient Algebra Year 8AC9M8A01 create, expand, factorise, rearrange and simplify linear expressions, applying the associat
NSW Mathematics K-10 Syllabus
Number and AlgebraMA4-4NA Computation with IntegersMA4-8NA Algebraic TechniquesMA4-9NA Indices
NSW Curriculum New
Number and algebraMA4-INT-C-01 Computation with integersAlgebraic techniquesMA4-ALG-C-01 Algebraic techniquesIndicesMA4-IND-C-01 Indices

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