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Reducible Interest | #    User submitted, thanks to

Calculate the reducible interest on a car loan.

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B7: =B1-B2, C7: =G$1, D7: =B7*C7/100, E7: =B7+D7

F7: =B$3, G7: =E7-F7, B8: =G7

Salary to pay | #

Calculate weekly, fortnightly and monthly pay from a given salary.

=A1/52 (for weekly)
=A1/26 (for fortnightly)
=A1/12 (for monthly)

where A1 is the salary (per annum)

Simple interest | #

Calculate simple interest.

=A2*B2*C2 (calculate simple interest)

=A2+D2 (amount)

where A2 is the Principal
B2 is the interest rate as a percentage
C2 is the time in years