The Data Visualisation Catalogue


A comprehensive catalogue of data representation tools. Each includes a description and example.

2 April 2017 Edit: 27 November 2019

The Australian Curriculum:
Number and AlgebraLinear and nonlinear relationshipsACMNA180 Year 7 Investigate, interpret and analyse graphs from authentic dataStatistics and ProbabilityData representation and interpretationACMSP147 Year 6 Interpret and compare a range of data displays, including side-by-side column graphsACMSP172 Year 7 Describe and interpret data displays and the relationship between the median and meaACMSP282 Year 9 Construct back-to-back stem-and-leaf plots and histograms and describe data, using tACMSP249 Year 10 Construct and interpret box plots and use them to compare data sets
Australian Curriculum / General Mathematics:
Unit 2 Topic 1 Univariate data analysis and the statistical investigation processMaking sense of data relating to a single statistical variableACMGM029 with the aid of an appropriate graphical display (chosen from dot plot, stem plot, ba…Unit 3 Topic 1 Bivariate data analysisIdentifying and describing associations between two numerical variablesACMGM052 construct a scatterplot to identify patterns in the data suggesting the presence of a…
NSW Mathematics K-10 Syllabus:
Statistics and ProbabilityMA4-19SP Data Collection and RepresentationMA4-20SP Single Variable Data AnalysisMA5.1-12SP Single Variable Data AnalysisMA5.2-15SP Single Variable Data AnalysisMA5.2-16SP Bivariate Data AnalysisMA5.3-18SP Single Variable Data AnalysisMA5.3-19SP Bivariate Data Analysis
NSW Mathematics Standard Stage 6 Syllabus:
Statistical AnalysisMS-S1 Data AnalysisMS-S1.1 Classifying and representing data (grouped and ungrouped)MS-S4 Bivariate Data Analysis
NSW Mathematics Advanced Stage 6 Syllabus:
Statistical AnalysisMA-S2 Descriptive Statistics and Bivariate Data AnalysisS2.1 Data (grouped and ungrouped) and summary statisticsS2.2 Bivariate data analysis

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