The Data Visualisation Catalogue


A comprehensive catalogue of data representation tools. Each includes a description and example.

2 April 2017 Edit: 27 November 2019

The Australian Curriculum
Number and AlgebraLinear and nonlinear relationshipsACMNA180 Year 7 Investigate, interpret and analyse graphs from authentic dataStatistics and ProbabilityData representation and interpretationACMSP147 Year 6 Interpret and compare a range of data displays, including side-by-side column graphsACMSP172 Year 7 Describe and interpret data displays and the relationship between the median and meaACMSP282 Year 9 Construct back-to-back stem-and-leaf plots and histograms and describe data, using tACMSP249 Year 10 Construct and interpret box plots and use them to compare data sets
The Australian Curriculum Version 9.0 New
Year 6Statistics Year 6AC9M6ST01 interpret and compare data sets for ordinal and nominal categorical, discrete and continuoYear 7Algebra Year 7AC9M7A04 describe relationships between variables represented in graphs of functions from authentic Statistics Year 7AC9M7ST01 acquire data sets for discrete and continuous numerical variables and calculate the range,Year 9Statistics Year 9AC9M9ST03 represent the distribution of multiple data sets for numerical variables using comparativeYear 10Statistics Year 10AC9M10ST02 compare data distributions for continuous numerical variables using appropriate data disp
Australian Curriculum / General Mathematics
Unit 2 Topic 1 Univariate data analysis and the statistical investigation processMaking sense of data relating to a single statistical variableACMGM029 with the aid of an appropriate graphical display (chosen from dot plot, stem plot, ba…Unit 3 Topic 1 Bivariate data analysisIdentifying and describing associations between two numerical variablesACMGM052 construct a scatterplot to identify patterns in the data suggesting the presence of a…
NSW Mathematics K-10 Syllabus
Statistics and ProbabilityMA4-19SP Data Collection and RepresentationMA4-20SP Single Variable Data AnalysisMA5.1-12SP Single Variable Data AnalysisMA5.2-15SP Single Variable Data AnalysisMA5.2-16SP Bivariate Data AnalysisMA5.3-18SP Single Variable Data AnalysisMA5.3-19SP Bivariate Data Analysis
NSW Curriculum New
Statistics and probabilityData classification, visualisation and analysisMA4-DAT-C-01 Data classification and visualisationMA4-DAT-C-02 Data analysisMA5-DAT-C-01 Data analysis AMA5-DAT-C-02 Data analysis BMA5-DAT-P-01 Data analysis C (Path)
NSW Mathematics Standard Stage 6 Syllabus
Statistical AnalysisMS-S1 Data AnalysisMS-S1.1 Classifying and representing data (grouped and ungrouped)MS-S4 Bivariate Data Analysis
NSW Mathematics Advanced Stage 6 Syllabus
Statistical AnalysisMA-S2 Descriptive Statistics and Bivariate Data AnalysisS2.1 Data (grouped and ungrouped) and summary statisticsS2.2 Bivariate data analysis

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