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Published by Taronga - Students will learn how to calculate daily dietary requirements, track animal weight, design enclosures and locate and apply measurement skills needed to navigate the Zoo. These resources allow students to explore the Zoo via Taronga TV from home or at school.

21 July 2021 Edit: 21 July 2021

NSW Mathematics K-10 Syllabus
Number and AlgebraMA3-5NA Addition and SubtractionMA3-6NA Multiplication and DivisionMA3-7NA Fractions, Decimals and PercentagesMA4-5NA Fractions, Decimals and PercentagesMeasurement and GeometryMA3-10MG AreaMA3-11MG Volume and CapacityMA3-12MG MassMA3-13MG TimeMA3-14MG Three-Dimensional SpaceMA3-15MG Two-Dimensional SpaceMA3-17MG PositionMA4-12MG LengthMA4-13MG AreaMA4-14MG VolumeMA4-15MG TimeStatistics and ProbabilityMA3-18SP DataMA4-19SP Data Collection and Representation
NSW Curriculum New
Number and algebraRepresents numbersMA3-RN Represents numbersMA3-RN-02 Represents numbersAdditive relationsMA3-AR Additive relationsMA3-AR-01 Additive relationsMultiplicative relationsMA3-MR Multiplicative relationsMA3-MR-01 Multiplicative relationsMA4-FRC-C-01 Fractions, decimals and percentagesMeasurement and spaceTwo-dimensional spatial structureMA3-2DS Two-dimensional spatial structureMA3-2DS-01 Two-dimensional spatial structureMA3-2DS-02 Two-dimensional spatial structureThree-dimensional spatial structureMA3-3DS Three-dimensional spatial structureMA3-3DS-01 Three-dimensional spatial structureMA3-3DS-02 Three-dimensional spatial structureNon-spatial measureMA3-NSM Non-spatial measureMA3-NSM-01 Non-spatial measureMA3-NSM-02 Non-spatial measureArea and surface areaMA4-ARE-C-01 AreaVolumeMA4-VOL-C-01 VolumeMA4-LEN-C-01 LengthStatistics and probabilityDataMA3-DATA DataMA3-DATA-01 DataData classification, visualisation and analysisMA4-DAT-C-01 Data classification and visualisation

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