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Fractions 4 Kids is a free site, offering loads of materials for kids, teachers and parents. This website breaks down the notion of fractions by offering diverse methods of teaching. There are fraction worksheets, online interactive tests and games of different varieties.

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The Australian Curriculum
Number and AlgebraFractions and decimalsACMNA058 Year 3 Model and represent unit fractions including 1/2, 1/4, 1/3, 1/5 and their multiples ACMNA077 Year 4 Investigate equivalent fractions used in contextsACMNA102 Year 5 Compare and order common unit fractions and locate and represent them on a number liACMNA125 Year 6 Compare fractions with related denominators and locate and represent them on a numbeACMNA126 Year 6 Solve problems involving addition and subtraction of fractions with the same or relaACMNA127 Year 6 Find a simple fraction of a quantity where the result is a whole number, with and wiACMNA131 Year 6 Make connections between equivalent fractions, decimals and percentagesReal numbersACMNA152 Year 7 Compare fractions using equivalence. Locate and represent fractions and mixed numeraACMNA153 Year 7 Solve problems involving addition and subtraction of fractions, including those withACMNA154 Year 7 Multiply and divide fractions and decimals using efficient written strategies and diACMNA155 Year 7 Express one quantity as a fraction of another, with and without the use of digital tACMNA157 Year 7 Connect fractions, decimals and percentages and carry out simple conversionsPatterns and algebraACMNA107 Year 5 Describe, continue and create patterns with fractions, decimals and whole numbers reACMNA133 Year 6 Continue and create sequences involving whole numbers, fractions and decimals. Descr
The Australian Curriculum Version 9.0 New
Year 4Number Year 4AC9M4N03 find equivalent representations of fractions using related denominators and make connectionYear 5Number Year 5AC9M5N04 recognise that 100% represents the complete whole and use percentages to describe, represenAC9M5N03 compare and order fractions with the same and related denominators including mixed numeralsYear 6Number Year 6AC9M6N03 apply knowledge of equivalence to compare, order and represent common fractions including hAC9M6N05 solve problems involving addition and subtraction of fractions using knowledge of equivalenAC9M6N07 solve problems that require finding a familiar fraction, decimal or percentage of a quantitAlgebra Year 6AC9M6A01 recognise and use rules that generate visually growing patterns and number patterns involviYear 7Number Year 7AC9M7N04 find equivalent representations of rational numbers and represent rational numbers on a numAC9M7N06 use the 4 operations with positive rational numbers including fractions, decimals and perceAC9M7N08 recognise, represent and solve problems involving ratios
NSW Mathematics K-10 Syllabus
Number and AlgebraMAe-7NA Fractions and DecimalsMA1-7NA Fractions and DecimalsMA2-7NA Fractions and DecimalsMA3-7NA Fractions, Decimals and PercentagesMA4-5NA Fractions, Decimals and Percentages
NSW Curriculum New
Number and algebraRepresenting numbers using place valueMA2-RN Representing numbers using place valueMA2-RN-02 Representing numbers using place valueRepresents numbersMA3-RN Represents numbersMA3-RN-02 Represents numbersMA4-FRC-C-01 Fractions, decimals and percentagesMeasurement and spaceGeometric measureMA1-GM Geometric measureMA1-GM-03 Geometric measure

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