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This link has many stage 4-5 lessons planned out in a self-guided manner and can help students grasp ideas using visuals that we might not have in class. 

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NSW Mathematics K-10 Syllabus
Number and AlgebraMA4-4NA Computation with IntegersMA4-5NA Fractions, Decimals and PercentagesMA4-7NA Ratios and RatesMA4-8NA Algebraic TechniquesMA4-10NA EquationsMA4-11NA Linear RelationshipsMA5.1-6NA Linear RelationshipsMA5.1-7NA Non-Linear RelationshipsMA5.2-5NA Ratios and RatesMA5.2-8NA EquationsMA5.2-9NA Linear RelationshipsMA5.2-10NA Non-Linear RelationshipsMA5.3-4NA Ratios and RatesMA5.3-5NA Algebraic TechniquesMA5.3-6NA Surds and IndicesMA5.3-7NA EquationsMA5.3-8NA Linear RelationshipsMA5.3-9NA Non-Linear RelationshipsMA5.3-11NA LogarithmsMA5.3-12NA Functions and Other GraphsMeasurement and GeometryMA4-12MG LengthMA4-13MG AreaMA4-14MG VolumeMA4-16MG Right-Angled Triangles (Pythagoras)MA4-17MG Properties of Geometrical FiguresMA4-18MG Angle RelationshipsMA5.1-8MG Area and Surface AreaMA5.1-9MG Numbers of Any MagnitudeMA5.1-10MG Right-Angled Triangles (Trigonometry)MA5.1-11MG Properties of Geometrical FiguresMA5.2-11MG Area and Surface AreaMA5.2-12MG VolumeMA5.2-13MG Right-Angled Triangles (Trigonometry)MA5.2-14MG Properties of Geometrical FiguresMA5.3-13MG Area and Surface AreaMA5.3-14MG VolumeMA5.3-15MG Right-Angled Triangles (Trigonometry)MA5.3-16MG Properties of Geometrical FiguresMA5.3-17MG Circle Geometry Statistics and ProbabilityMA4-20SP Single Variable Data AnalysisMA4-21SP ProbabilityMA5.1-12SP Single Variable Data AnalysisMA5.1-13SP ProbabilityMA5.2-15SP Single Variable Data AnalysisMA5.2-16SP Bivariate Data AnalysisMA5.2-17SP ProbabilityMA5.3-18SP Single Variable Data AnalysisMA5.3-19SP Bivariate Data Analysis
NSW Curriculum New
Number and algebraMA4-INT-C-01 Computation with integersMA4-FRC-C-01 Fractions, decimals and percentagesRatios and ratesMA4-RAT-C-01 Ratios and ratesMA5-RAT-P-01 Variation and rates of change A (Path)MA5-RAT-P-02 Variation and rates of change B (Path)Algebraic techniquesMA4-ALG-C-01 Algebraic techniquesMA5-ALG-P-02 Algebraic techniques C (Path)IndicesMA5-IND-P-02 Indices C (Path)EquationsMA4-EQU-C-01 EquationsMA5-EQU-C-01 Equations AMA5-EQU-P-01 Equations B (Path)MA5-EQU-P-02 Equations C (Path)Linear relationshipsMA4-LIN-C-01 Linear relationshipsMA5-LIN-C-01 Linear relationships AMA5-LIN-C-02 Linear relationships BMA5-LIN-P-01 Linear relationships C (Path)Non-linear relationshipsMA5-NLI-C-01 Non-linear relationships AMA5-NLI-C-02 Non-linear relationships BMA5-NLI-P-01 Non-linear relationships C (Path)MA5-LOG-P-01 Logarithms (Path)MA5-FNC-P-01 Functions and other graphs (Path)Measurement and spaceArea and surface areaMA4-ARE-C-01 AreaMA5-ARE-C-01 Area and surface area AMA5-ARE-P-01 Area and surface area B (Path)VolumeMA4-VOL-C-01 VolumeMA5-VOL-C-01 Volume AMA5-VOL-P-01 Volume BProperties of geometrical figuresMA4-GEO-C-01 Properties of geometrical figuresMA5-GEO-C-01 Properties of geometrical figures AMA5-GEO-P-01 Properties of geometrical figures B (Path)MA5-GEO-P-02 Properties of geometrical figures C (Path)Pythagoras and trigonometryMA4-PYT-C-01 Right-angled triangles (Pythagoras’ theorem)MA5-TRG-C-01 Trigonometry AMA5-TRG-C-02 Trigonometry BMA5-TRG-P-01 Trigonometry C (Path)MA5-TRG-P-02 Trigonometry D (Path)Angle relationshipsMA4-ANG-C-01 Angle relationshipsMA5-MAG-C-01 Numbers of any magnitudeMA5-CIR-P-01 Circle geometry (Path)MA4-LEN-C-01 LengthStatistics and probabilityData classification, visualisation and analysisMA4-DAT-C-02 Data analysisMA5-DAT-C-01 Data analysis AMA5-DAT-C-02 Data analysis BMA5-DAT-P-01 Data analysis C (Path)ProbabilityMA4-PRO-C-01 ProbabilityMA5-PRO-C-01 Probability AMA5-PRO-P-01 Probability B (Path)

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