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(Almost?) Everything a Mathematics Standard students need for the 2019 HSC Examination - an unofficial list of facts and formulas you need to memorise for the HSC Examination.

In May 2018, NESA published a Reference Sheet for the HSC Examinations for Mathematics Standard 1 and Mathematics Standard 2 for 2019 and beyond. 

NESA advises that ‘any additional information identified as necessary may be given in the HSC examination paper’. 

25 March 2019: Updated for the Reference Sheet re-released November 2018.

20 May 2018 Edit: 25 March 2019

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NSW Mathematics Standard Stage 6 Syllabus
AlgebraMS-A1 Formulae and EquationsMS-A2 Linear RelationshipsMS-A3 Types of RelationshipsMS-A3.1 Simultaneous linear equationsMS-A3.2 Graphs of practical situationsMS-A4 Types of RelationshipsMS-A4.1 Simultaneous linear equationsMS-A4.2 Non-Linear relationshipsMeasurementMS-M1 Applications of MeasurementMS-M1.1 Practicalities of measurementMS-M1.2 Perimeter, area and volumeMS-M1.3 Units of energy and massMS-M2 Working with TimeMS-M3 Right-angled TrianglesMS-M4 RatesMS-M5 Scale DrawingsMS-M6 Non-right-angled TrigonometryMS-M7 Rates and RatiosFinancial MathematicsMS-F1 Money MattersMS-F1.1 Interest and depreciationMS-F1.2 Earning and managing moneyMS-F1.3 Budgeting and household expensesMS-F2 InvestmentMS-F3 Depreciation and LoansMS-F4 Investments and LoansMS-F4.1 InvestmentsMS-F4.2 Depreciation and loansMS-F5 AnnuitiesStatistical AnalysisMS-S1 Data AnalysisMS-S1.1 Classifying and representing data (grouped and ungrouped)MS-S1.2 Summary statisticsMS-S2 Relative Frequency and ProbabilityMS-S3 Further Statistical AnalysisMS-S3.1 The statistical investigation process for a surveyMS-S3.2 Exploring and describing data arising from two quantitative variablesMS-S4 Bivariate Data AnalysisMS-S5 The Normal DistributionNetworksMS-N1 Networks and PathsMS-N1.1 NetworksMS-N1.2 Shortest pathsMS-N2 Network ConceptsMS-N2.1 NetworksMS-N2.2 Shortest pathsMS-N3 Critical Path Analysis

Attribution: Based on the NESA Mathematics Standard 1 and 2 Reference Sheet and Syllabus

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